Force Dance Company


Force Dance Company is our competitive dance team, designed for students who would like the opportunity to compete, both regionally and nationally, with their peers in surrounding areas. Competitive dance is extremely rewarding, promoting self-esteem, team work, good sportsmanship and confidence. It is also very demanding, requiring commitment and dedication from students and their families. Force Dance Company members are required to take 2 Ballet classes, Strength & Stretch, along with any technique class they would like to compete (Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, etc.). For dancers ages 6 & up!

Hip Hop Team

For dancers who wish to compete in Hip Hop only dances! Hip Hop team members are required to take Hip Hop and Strength & Stretch technique classes. Dancers who participate in hip-hop only dances are apart of force dance company and will attend all regional and national competitions each year. Dancers will also participate in local community events and our annual showcase. Ages 6 & Up.

Mini Team

Mini team is designed for dancers ages 8 & under who would like more opportunities to perform throughout the year. Team members will be performing at local community events, local dance competitions and our annual end of the year showcase. Each member would have their normal weekly technique class(es) along with a weekly 30 minute rehearsal. 

For more detailed information about Force Dance Company, Hip Hop Team or Mini Team, and our requirements, please contact the studio. For information about auditions please contact CFDC and a staff member would be happy to assist you.


We are looking forward to a wonderful 2018/2019 competition season! We would love to have you join our team!